Marble vs. Granite Flooring – Which is Best for your Home?
19 January 2018

Natural stone is a versatile, durable and attractive flooring material which has been used in residential and commercial properties for many years. Marble and granite floors, in particular, have surged in popularity, owing to the variety of styles available and their suitability for kitchens, dining rooms, conservatories and bathrooms. Granite and marble also complement other … Continue reading “Marble vs. Granite Flooring – Which is Best for your Home?”

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6 Benefits of Parquet Wood Flooring
20 December 2017

Parquet flooring is a strong interior design trend right now, but it’s also an option which will last years, not just seasons! There’s a whole lot to love about historic parquet, which dates all the way back to the 16th Century. From its versatility and its creativity to its hard-wearing durability, this is a flooring … Continue reading “6 Benefits of Parquet Wood Flooring”

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Concrete Flooring Types – What are they?
28 November 2017

Concrete flooring types have always been a popular choice for commercial and industrial applications where something extremely hardwearing is required, but thanks to its exceptional level of versatility, concrete floors are also becoming more common in the home. Concrete is being used more and more for kitchen and bathroom floors, as well as basements and … Continue reading “Concrete Flooring Types – What are they?”

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Parquet Patterns: A Quick Guide to Parquet Flooring Designs
10 October 2017

You might associate parquet flooring with historic stately homes, or even your old school hall – but pretty parquet is making a comeback, and it’s all thanks to its striking patterns and eye-catching designs. Parquet history First used in 16th Century France, when patterned wood bedecked the floors of many a grand chateau, parquet flooring … Continue reading “Parquet Patterns: A Quick Guide to Parquet Flooring Designs”

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