Concrete Floor Polishing & Sanding in London

Polished concrete floor in London
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Experienced Concrete Floor Polishing

A strong style statement, concrete flooring creates a big impact on properties and provides them with a strong, durable surface that will last and last with the correct treatment.

Whether you favour a shiny concrete look or a more matte effect, no concrete floor looks good when it starts showing signs of wear and tear. Impressively low maintenance compared to wood and other flooring surfaces, concrete nevertheless still requires some care and attention to look its best over the long term.

We suggest three appointments per year for concrete floor polishing and, if necessary, refinish your floor in order to remove imperfections and keep your floor looking great. Our dedicated concrete floor polishing & sanding experts will make all the difference!

We’ve been restoring and treating concrete flooring at commercial and residential properties across London and the surrounding regions for many years. Our services include:

  • Concrete Floor Polishing
    After some time the shine on your concrete floor can go. We conduct exquisite concrete floor polishing of residential and commercial properties in London to make them shine like they are brand new again.
  • Concrete Floor Sanding
    Damaged floor? Whether time has eroded the surface or a big bump has caused problems, our concrete floor sanding service can renew your surface, leaving it smooth and good as new.
  • Concrete Floor Restoration
    Has your floor seen better days? From renovation projects to floors unsurfaced beneath old carpets, we treat old concrete floors to make them look stylish, pristine and just plain perfect within your interior.
  • Concrete Floor Maintenance
    Keep your concrete floor looking its best. We provide regular sanding, grinding buffing and concrete floor polishing services which ensure your surfaces sparkle all year round. Contact us to arrange scheduled maintenance appointments.

Professional Concrete Floor Sanding

Not all concrete floors are given the correct care. Over the years, many become faded, chipped, dirty, damaged and uneven, creating a less than lovely look. That’s where our concrete floor sanding & restoration service in London comes in.

Whether you’re rejuvenating an old concrete floor in a “fixer upper”, or simply breathing a fresh lease of life into your old concrete floors, our specialist concrete floor sanding service in London will help you get the look you want. From sanding and grinding to repairs, stains, painting, finishing and complete makeovers; we’ll make sure your concrete floors look flawless.

Do you have a commercial or residential property with concrete floors that have lost their shine or sparkle? Our seasoned & expert concrete floor sanding & polishing service in London was designed to rectify this issue for property owners or tenants, and we’ve developed this core skill or our work over the years.

Contact our experienced technicians today to discuss your concrete floor sanding requirements in London.

Affordable Concrete Floor Maintenance

Sometimes a spot of speedy maintenance just isn’t enough to cut the mustard when it comes to concrete floors. When a surface has been neglected, it needs specialist treatment to return to its former glory. Our experts use their years of experience to fill gaps, remove cracks, deal with chips, resurface and repaint – leaving your concrete floor looking even better than new. For specialist concrete floor polishing and sanding look nowhere else.

Keep your concrete looking quality! Refresh and maintain your flooring with expert treatments from Blue Apple. Ask our experts about concrete floor polishing sanding, restoration & maintenance in London. Get in touch & click for a quote.

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