Granite Floor Care & Polishing in London

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Professional Granite Floor Restoration

At Blue Apple Floor Care we offer a range of services designed to clean, rejuvenate and restore your granite floor. Our key offerings include:

  • Granite floor buffing
    Has your granite floor lost its shine? Spruce up your surface with seasonal buffing. Our team buff floors to reveal their natural beauty, quickly and efficiently, creating no disruption to your schedule or operations.
  • Granite floor polishing
    When your granite floor sealant or finish sustains scratches or visible damage, removing its upper layer can transform your surface, leaving it looking as good as new. Our granite floor polishing service is a simple, speedy option when your flooring requires a refresh.
  • Granite floor restoration
    Sometimes damage to granite floors is more than skin deep. In these cases granite floor grinding is a good option. Our experts carefully remove surface sealants and the very upper layer of granite, removing any visible imperfections, then apply a gorgeous glossy polish.

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Expert Granite Floor Polishing & Repair

At Blue Apple Floor Care, our flooring technicians know granite down to the ground. We deliver exceptional granite floor cleaning and polishing services which leave commercial and residential surfaces gleaming.

If your granite floor has lost its sheen, sustained scratches or suffered staining, we can expertly refresh and revamp your flooring. We have been delivering specialist floor maintenance services in the London area since 2011, learning and growing with every project.

Rated amongst the best in the business by our customers, we offer exacting granite cleaning, polishing, grinding and restoration services, delivered efficiently and considerately.

Granite Flooring

Granite is a gorgeous flooring surface, with innate durability which can sustain decades – even centuries – of foot traffic, if it is cared for correctly. With a delicate grain, granite also provides a quality, sophisticated look in both residential and commercial settings.

Although granite is extremely hard-wearing, moisture-resistant and durable, it isn’t immune to staining, watermarks and scratches. That’s because there is still some porousness to this naturally beautiful material. In order to thoroughly protect granite, therefore, a sealant or finish is typically applied to its surface.

Granite Floor Cleaner

For everyday cleaning, warm water, washing up liquid and a mop makes an effective granite floor cleaner. Specially formulated granite floor cleaners are also available, if you’re keen to preserve your surface for as long as possible. Over time, however, sealants and finishes wear away or become damaged. This is when granite floor cleaning requires professional attention.

About Blue Apple

Our commitment to customer service is just as strong as our commitment to continually honing our craft. Delivering services which are convenient, considerate, courteous – and leave client properties clean and clear – are fundamental aspects of what we do.

Our company ethos and expertise are key factors behind our excellent reputation. Take a peek at our about us page to learn more about how we work.

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