Limestone Floor Care & Polishing in London

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Professional Limestone Floor Restoration

At Blue Apple Floor Care our range of limestone floor repair services can clean, reinvigorate and restore your flooring. If you have a specific issue, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for expert advice, or ask us about:

  • Limestone floor buffing
    Even the most rigorous limestone floor cleaner won’t keep your surface looking sparkling new forever. We recommend buffing limestone floors once every three months to ensure they look their very best.
  • Limestone floor polishing
    For a more radical rejuvenation which eliminates scratches and surface marks, we provide limestone floor polishing to remove the upper layers of your floor’s finish, along with the imperfections it has accrued, leaving your floor looking flawless once more.
  • Limestone floor restoration
    When damage to your flooring goes a little deeper, limestone grinding is an effective way to eliminate scratches and stains which affect the limestone itself.

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Expert Limestone Floor Restoration

Is your limestone flooring looking less than lovely? At Blue Apple Floor Care, our flooring technicians love working with limestone, employing a range of expert techniques to enhance shine, remove damage and refresh limestone surfaces in both residential and commercial premises.

We have been restoring and cleaning limestone flooring across London and the surrounding areas since 2011. With every project we have finessed and fine-tuned our craft, allowing us to deliver exceptional finishes and outstanding customer service.

From specialist limestone floor restoration, to limestone buffing, we ensure your surfaces look their very best using a range of techniques.

Limestone Flooring

Durable and naturally beautiful, limestone floors are one of our favourite surfaces. When treated with care, this attractive stone is long-lasting and hard-wearing, providing a very attractive finish in both residential and commercial settings. But it’s not indestructible…

Limestone Floor Cleaning

When it comes to everyday cleaning, a mixture of non-acidic soap and warm water make an effective floor cleaner. Specialist limestone floor cleaners are available for those who want to take especially good care of their flooring. Regular vacuuming will also help you take care or dust and dirt.

Limestone may last a lifetime if cared for properly, but it’s also relatively porous, which means it can be affected by water damage and staining. To protect your surface, a sealant or finish is usually applied on top. Over time, this surface layer can accumulate scratches, dirt and marks which mar the appearance of the original limestone floor beneath. That’s when it’s time to call in the professionals.

About Blue Apple

Customer service is a crucial part of what we do. Our knowledge and craftsmanship may be “best in class”, but it’s our commitment to delivering services courteously, conveniently and cleanly which has earned us a glowing reputation. We deliver expert limestone repair and cleaning services which cause minimal disruption to your life or business, leaving your space clean and your floors gleaming.

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