Marble Floor Restoration & Polishing in London

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Professional Marble floor restoration

At Blue Apple Floor Care we offer a range of services designed to keep your marble floor in beautiful condition. We specialise in:

  • Marble floor cleaning
    Regular professional deep cleans ensure your marble floors always have that elegant shine. Our maintenance service will buff your floor back to its original beauty quickly and conveniently. We recommend that marble floors are buffed four times a year.
  • Marble floor polishing
    If your flooring is looking scratched or damaged, marble floor polishing can return it to its former glory. This technique will buff away the damaged upper layers of sealant or polish, then give lower layers the shine they need to look brand new.
  • Marble floor grinding
    Floors which have suffered more extensive damage can’t always be restored with marble floor polishing alone. In cases where stains, blemished and deep scratches have marred marble flooring, grinding is a highly effective treatment which removes damaged upper layers before a fresh polish is applied.

Make your marble shine. Contact our experienced technicians today to discuss your marble floor polishing requirements.

Expert Marble Floor Care in London

At Blue Apple Floor Care we understand marble. From eliminating scratches to buffing dull finishes, our skilled technicians have the knowledge and specialist skills to deliver exacting marble floor restoration & polishing services which leave your surfaces in beautiful condition.

We have been restoring and polishing marble floors in London and further afield since 2011, honing our expertise and our craft as our business has grown. Today we offer exceptional marble floor restoration, polishing, cleaning and repair services to commercial and residential clients with uncompromising standards.

We take both our marble floor restoration craft and customer service very seriously. Our excellent reputation and reviews are the result of our commitment to delivering our services with care, courtesy and cleanliness, making marble floor polishing hassle-free for our clients. Why not find out more about our team for yourself?

Perfecting Marble Floors

There’s something very special about a marble floor. Smooth, finely grained and beautifully polished, this flooring option simply can’t be beaten when it comes to long-lasting elegance. Yet there will come a time when you require marble floor restoration, giving your floor care & attention to ensure they look their finest.

Marble flooring will stand up to centuries of foot traffic, but the sealants and polishes used to protect and enhance them will not. This makes marble floor restoration necessary from time to time. If your floor is looking dull, faded or scratched, our marble floor polishing, cleaning and repair services can quickly and expertly restore your surface, removing and reapplying sealants, buffing polishes to restore shine and using grinding techniques to remove visible scratches.

Marble Floor Maintenance

Although marble is incredibly durable, it is also a porous natural stone. This means that when it comes into contact with liquids, it quickly absorbs them instead of repelling them. To protect marble floors from staining, sealants and polishes must be applied. These surface products are less durable than then marble surface beneath, so regular upkeep is required to ensure they protect and showcase marble flooring to its full potential.

Everyday marble floor restoration & maintenance is much more straightforward than marble floor polishing and repairs. Simply dust with a dry mop or use a vacuum carefully (to avoid surface scratches) to keep the surface clean and clear. When it’s time for a more significant spruce up, however, it’s time to call in the professionals for marble floor restoration…

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