Parquet Floor Restoration & Repair in London

Restored & polished parquet wood floor in London
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Professional Parquet Floor Restoration

Want to perfect your parquet? You’ve come to the right place. Parquet floor restoration in London is one of the Blue Apple team’s favourite surfaces to work with. Intricate and beautiful, there’s something about parquet which feels extra special, and which really rewards a spot of care and attention.

Whether you’re planning a complete parquet floor restoration, or simply need a quick touch up, we offer specialist services to make your surfaces shine. Unless you’d like a matte finish, of course!

Our parquet flooring services include:

  • Parquet Floor Restoration & Repair
    Whether you’ve purchased a “fixer-upper” with real potential, or want to restore the beautiful parquet hidden beneath your carpets, our flooring specialists can repair, sand, clean and polish your parquet into “good as new” condition.
  • Parquet Floor Sanding
    Sanding is one of the best ways to give any parquet floor a makeover. By removing dirt and damage from upper layers of varnish and wood, our experts will reveal fresh, beautiful material below, ready for refinishing with the stain, wax or varnish of your choice.
  • Parquet Floor Maintenance
    Many of our clients are long-term customers. We visit their properties on a regular basis (we recommend three times per year) to sand and maintain their parquet flooring. Our approach to parquet flooring maintenance ensures floors look dazzling all year round and enjoy excellent durability over the long term.

Contact our experienced technicians today to discuss your parquet floor restoration requirements.

Experienced Parquet Floor Repair in London

Every floor is different, which is why we never take a “one size fits all” approach to your parquet surface. Instead, we apply our knowledge and expertise to understand the wood type, its location, the parquet pattern and style – as well as your design goals – before bringing in our specialist equipment to deliver exceptional parquet floor restoration.

This allows us to bring out the natural beauty of any surface – and to ensure beautiful results which look wonderful in both residential and commercial properties. From matching replacement wood in order to complete parquet floor restoration & repairs to working sensitively with historic surfaces, we are parquet perfectionists.

Parquet Floor Sanding in London

Whether your floor has seen better or days or simply needs a quick spring clean, parquet floor sanding is a fast and effective way to completely refresh your surface. Our flooring specialists apply different grades of sanding to remove precise layers of wood and varnish to reveal bright, clean and beautiful parquet beneath. Parquet floor restoration has never been easier.

Give your parquet floor the care and attention it needs to look its best. Ask our experts about parquet floor restoration, sanding and maintenance in London. Get in touch & click for a quote.

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