Sandstone Floor Care & Restoration in London

Restored sandstone floor in London
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Our Sandstone Services

We are pleased to offer a full selection of sandstone cleaning and maintenance services, ideal for floors at all stages. Our services include:

  • Buffing
    To ensure sandstone flooring looks its very best, we recommend buffing every three months. This fast, hassle-free process will ensure your floor’s true beauty shines through.
  • Polishing
    Removing scratches and marks in your sealer is simple. Our sandstone polishing service removes the very top layer of sealant, getting rid of any scratches or marks which may be present.
  • Grinding
    Sometimes sandstone floor damage is more than skin deep. If scratches and dirt have affected the sandstone itself, our more intensive grinding service will carefully remove the top layer of stone, restoring your floor’s flawless finish.

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Expert Sandstone Floor Care

Is your sandstone floor in need of some sprucing up? At Blue Apple Floor Care, we provide a full complement of sandstone maintenance services including sandstone floor cleaning, polishing, buffing and grinding.

Our experienced technicians have been treating sandstone floors across London and the surrounding area for over six years. Our expertise allows us to perfect and rejuvenate sandstone flooring in both residential and commercial spaces, ensuring this beautiful material always looks its very best.

Sandstone Flooring

Warm, distinctive, with a gorgeous natural feel, sandstone is a wonderful flooring option in both commercial and residential environments. This attractive stone is impressively durable and has the unique charm that comes with a varied natural material, complete with textural and colouration variations. When treated correctly, sandstone can last for decades – even centuries – but it does require some care from time to time.

Sandstone Floor Cleaning

Everyday sandstone floor cleaning is brilliantly low maintenance. Vacuuming (or sweeping, if you’re concerned about chipping you sealer) and weekly mopping with a pH neutral cleaner (specialist sandstone floor cleaning products are widely available) will keep your floor clean and fresh, but over time your surface layer of sealer will wear down.

As sandstone is a porous natural stone, it can be affected by watermarks, stains and ingrained dirt. For this reason, sealers are used to protect the surface. Footfall and washing gradually wears down this “topcoat”, which can also accrue scratches and dirty marks, affecting the appearance of the sandstone below. When this happens, it’s time to call in a professional sandstone floor cleaning & maintenance team.

About Blue Apple

Our knowledge of our craft and the quality of our work are two important aspects of what we do here at Blue Apple Floor Care. But these assets would mean very little without our commitment to outstanding customer service. Today we are a well-respected company in our industry, all thanks to the quality of service we provide.

From working considerately around your daily activities to ensuring every site we work on is left in flawless condition, we go the extra mile for our clients. Why not find out more by visiting our about us page?

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