Floor Grinding Services in London

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Floor Grinding Services

Is your flooring in need of a refresh? Our experienced floor grinder technicians can quickly and conveniently rejuvenate marble, limestone, granite, sandstone and more.

Blue Apple Floor Care has been providing floor grinding services in London and the surrounding area since 2011, constantly fine-tuning and honing its expertise to offer outstanding floor care for surfaces of all types.

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Marble Floor Grinding

A floor sander can be used on a wide array of flooring types, but it is especially effective on marble floors of all varieties. Marble floor grinding levels out the surface, breaking down the top of the layer of marble and then smoothing it to provide an exquisite finish.

This may sound like a drastic technique, but marble floor grinding can be used very precisely to remove just the right amount of marble to eliminate scratches and marks without damaging your flooring. Experienced marble floor grinders, like our technicians at Blue Apple Floor Care, will know exactly how to approach marbles of different types to get the best possible results.

Once the process is complete, your fresh, clean and damage-free marble floor will be ready for a fresh finish. Ask us about polishing and upkeep techniques that will best suit your marble, space and style.

Stone Floor Grinding

Whether your property features limestone floors or marble surfaces, a session with a floor grinder can give your space a radical makeover. Although stone flooring is hard-wearing, over time even surfaces like sandstone can sustain scratches, chips and watermarks. Floor grinding services allow you to completely eradicate these imperfections and get rid of any damaged coatings used to seal your floor.

From marble floor grinding to sanding down sandstone, our knowledgeable team understand precisely how to work with each type of natural stone floor to prevent causing damage through over-grinding. Our experience and expertise allow us to make each distinct material truly shine.

About Blue Apple

Cleanliness is a huge part of our service here at Blue Apple. A floor grinder may sound like a recipe for dust and mess, but we use specialist equipment which is 99% dust free, taking care to rigorously clean your space once we have completed your project.

This is just one aspect of our commitment to exceptional customer service. We also work flexibly with both residential and commercial clients to offer floor grinding services which suit their schedules and working hours. Add to this our professionalism and best-in-class workmanship and you can see why we have earned such a great reputation. Visit our about us page for more information.

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