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Floor Care Services

Ensuring your flooring is in perfect condition can be hard work, especially if you’ve chosen a natural flooring material like wood, marble or limestone. These beautiful natural materials look fantastic and can last for decades, but they also require upkeep if you’re want to get the most from them.

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Floor Maintenance

Effective floor maintenance varies from material to material and location to location. Flooring in moist areas such as bathrooms, for example, typically requires more regular care and attention to maintain standards.

Whether you’re looking for wood flooring maintenance and care or advice on slate floor maintenance, our team can recommend a service and schedule that will keep your surfaces in prime condition.

Stone Floor Maintenance

Location and stone type will also affect the care plan we recommend for natural stone flooring. Limestone floor maintenance and slate floor maintenance may, for example, require different approaches. Buffing once every three months to prevent dullness and remove surface scratches is typically advised. Deeper grinding on an annual basis before the application of fresh sealant is also standard best practice.

Our technicians can provide personalised advice and a maintenance schedule for your slate, marble, sandstone, limestone, travertine or other natural stone floor.

Wood Floor Maintenance

The wood variety you have chosen and the space it is installed in will both affect the type of wood flooring maintenance and care your surface requires. In most cases we recommend four polishes per year and an annual grinding and revarnishing to protect your wood floor and to prevent scratches, dirt and marks tarnishing your flooring.

Our Services

From regular buffing and polishing, to annual grinding and revarnishing, the Blue Apple Floor Care team can devise a schedule which makes maintaining your flooring hassle free. Explore our complete range of services online.

About Blue Apple

At Blue Apple Floor Care, we provide residential and corporate clients with expert floor maintenance which ensures their flooring looks beautiful today and goes the distance in the future. We have been operating in London since 2011, helping to protect and perfect a wide array of flooring types including wood and natural stone surfaces.

We may have a reputation for technical expertise, but we also work hard to put customer service at the forefront of every project; from providing helpful maintenance tips, to making sure the spaces we work in are spotless once a project is complete. We even work flexibly to accommodate clients’ schedules and time-constraints. We think this blend of knowledge and customer care makes us the best floor care company out there. Check out our about us page for information on Blue Apple Floor Care and our values.

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