Floor Polishing Services in London

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Floor Polishing Services

Is your flooring looking a little worse for wear? No matter how well we maintain our floors, daily wear, tear and foot traffic can really take their toll. Our specialist floor polishing services help you give a wide array of flooring types, from wood to marble and granite, a complete refresh.

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Stone Floor Polishing

Floor polishing is a technique which can be used on a variety of natural flooring materials – and it works especially well on natural stone. From marble floor polishing to travertine polishing, this gentle sanding technique removes sealants and finishes from the surface of your stone flooring, leaving the marble, travertine or granite beneath in pristine condition.

While protective finishes are designed to prevent porous natural stone from scratches, stains, chipping and watermarks, over time these sealants start to show damage of their own, affecting the appearance of the stone below.

This means that finishes require occasional attention, whether that’s a gentle polish to remove shallow, superficial damage, or a more thorough polish to strip away the entire protective layer ready for reapplication.

Whatever level of polishing marble floors or granite surfaces you require, our technicians will ensure your surfaces are left looking as good as new.

Wood Floor Polishing

This fast and hassle-free polishing technique isn’t just for travertine or granite floor polishing – it can help refresh wood flooring too. Using a slightly softer tool, our technicians can polish away imperfections and dirt in surface layers of varnish, freshening up your wood flooring and buffing it to achieve a beautiful shine.

About Blue Apple

We have provided expert floor polishing in London since 2011, steadily nurturing our reputation for efficient, convenient and high-quality flooring services. We work with both residential and commercial clients to perfect and protect flooring of all varieties, putting considerate customer service at the forefront of every project.

From ensuring we don’t leave a speck of dust behind once projects are completed, to working flexibly to suit our clients’ schedules and time-constraints, we go above and beyond to offer best-in-class services, delivered considerately and conveniently. Our about us page has all the information you need on our company and our values.

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