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Floor Restoration Services

Why install a brand new floor when you could revamp an existing floor, save money and reduce waste all at once? We offer specialist floor restoration services for wood and natural stone floors, returning old flooring to its former glory and even helping you transform its look completely.

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Floor Restoration

Restoring a wood or stone floor may not be as labour intensive as you think. The wonderful thing about natural materials is that there’s much more to them than may originally meet the eye. Beyond a grubby, scratched and dull surface, there may be beautiful natural material just waiting to be restored and refreshed.

Restoring Wood Floors

Over time wooden floors can become scratched, dirty, water marked and stained, depending on their treatment and their environment. Although varnishes are used to protect the material underneath, sometimes these surface layers can become so damaged they mask the beauty of the wood. In other cases, these varnishes can wear away, subjecting the wood to some serious mistreatment. Both instances can result in a wooden floor which doesn’t look especially good.

Both circumstances can be remedied with floor polishing, grinding and revarnishing. A complete floor renovation may require little more than sanding away the upper layer of varnish or the top layer of wood, before applying a fresh protective coat. You can even radically alter the colour, look and feel of your refreshed flooring by choosing different waxes, stains and varnishes, creating a whole new style to suit your taste.

Stone Floor Restoration

Restoring stone floors can also be a surprisingly straightforward process. Many types of natural stone flooring such as marble, slate, sandstone and limestone are extremely durable, which means the material can last for decades – even centuries – with the correct treatment.

While the surface of a natural stone floor may look worn, dirty and scratched, polishing and grinding can reveal a completely fresh surface which looks as good as new. You can even change the colour and sheen of your “reclaimed” floor by applying different protective coats over the top.

Our services

From assessing your old wood or stone floor and recommending the best restoration approach, to grinding down your floor and recommending varnishes and finishes, the Blue Apple Floor Care technicians can guide you all the way through the floor restoration process and deliver the best-in-class services you need to achieve fantastic looking results.

About Blue Apple

If you’re searching for specialist floor restoration in London, Blue Apple Floor Care can help. We have been breathing fresh life into old flooring across the city since 2011, giving both residential and commercial clients a brand new perspective on their worn out wood and stone floors.

Our outstanding client testimonials aren’t only thanks to our floor restoration expertise. They’re also the result of our dedication to excellent customer service. We work one-on-one with clients to deliver a service which meets their needs and fits around their schedule, all delivered considerately and cleanly with minimal mess and stress. We think this approach makes us one of the best floor restoration companies in London. Visit our about us page if you’d like to read more information on Blue Apple Floor Care.

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