Slate Floor Restoration & Care in London

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Professional Slate Floor Repair

From eliminating scratches in sealant, to complete slate floor restoration, we offer a range of services which will keep your slate looking great. Our services include:

  • Slate Floor Buffing
    Buffing every three months will ensure your slate retains its original beauty for longer, giving a fresh, immaculate look.
  • Slate Floor Polishing
    When scratches and imperfections begin to affect your slate floor’s sealant, our polishing service finely sands down blemished upper layers, restoring your floor’s flawlessness.
  • Slate Floor Restoration
    When scratches and marks affect the slate itself, you may require more serious slate floor restoration. Our grinding service carefully removes the upper layers of stone, leaving beautifully fresh, unmarked slate beneath.

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Expert Slate Floor Maintenance

We are London’s expert slate floor cleaners. Since 2011 our team of knowledgeable technicians have been providing outstanding slate floor care to commercial and residential clients across the city and the surrounding areas.

If your slate is looking less than perfect, our specialist services will remove imperfections and restore the material’s beautiful sheen. Our expertise allow us to perfect and rejuvenate sandstone flooring in both residential and commercial spaces, ensuring this beautiful material always looks its very best.

Slate Flooring

Dark, distinctive, with a stunning natural look, slate is a stylish and durable flooring choice which works especially well with underfloor heating. Especially hard-wearing (particularly compared to softer stone flooring options such as sandstone) slate floors can last for decades, especially if they are properly cared for and protected with a sealant against stains and scratches.

Slate Floor Care

Everyday slate floor care is a low maintenance affair. Simple sweeping or vacuuming will keep your surface free of dust and dirt, while weekly mopping using a specialist slate floor cleaner and warm water will ensure it is hygienic.

Over time, however, footfall and everyday care will erode your floor’s protective sealant. This can result in chips, cracks and scratches in the sealant which can affect the appearance of the slate beneath. When you begin to see this effect, it may be time to arrange professional slate floor maintenance…

About Blue Apple

Customer service comes first at Blue Apple Floor Care. We may be known for our expertise and craftsmanship, but our commitment to delivering an exceptional service is why our customers love us. Read more on our about us page.

From working flexibly to minimise disturbance to your daily activities, to ensuring your space is spotlessly clean once our project is complete, we go the extra mile to deliver outstanding slate floor care services.

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