Terracotta Floor Care & Restoration in London

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Professional Terracotta Floor Restoration

At Blue Apple Floor Care we provide a variety of services which will keep your terracotta tiles in perfect condition. We offer:

  • Terracotta floor cleaning
    Give your terracotta tiles a fresh lease of life with regular buffing. Our fast, efficient service will buff your tiles totally free of dirt and dust, ensuring their natural beauty shines through with no mess or fuss.
  • Terracotta floor polishing
    Surface scratches or marks in your terracotta’s finish can mar the appearance of your floor. Sometimes all that’s needed is a gentle polish to remove damaged sealant and perfect your floor’s appearance.
  • Terracotta floor restoration
    If your floor needs a more significant overhaul, we can help. Our technicians can provide expert grinding, sealing and finishing services, based on the specific demands of your floor.

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Expert Terracotta Floor Care

At Blue Apple Floor Care, floors are our specialist subject. We provide expert services designed to maintain and restore surfaces of all types, from teak to terracotta.

If your terracotta tiles have seen better days, we offer services to rejuvenate your flooring, from deep cleaning to sanding. With over six years of experience, we’re trusted by commercial and residential clients across London to look after their flooring and keep it in peak condition.

Terracotta Floor Maintenance

Who doesn’t love the look and feel of terracotta floors? With an undeniably Mediterranean flavour, this warm, welcoming flooring option makes a wonderful design feature in any space. But terracotta tiles do require some care and attention, if you want them to look bright, shiny and blemish-free for as long as possible.

Dating back to the days of the Roman Empire, terracotta (which literally translates as “baked earth”) is a hard-wearing floor surface, particularly when proper terracotta floor care is observed. Back in history, beeswax and linseed were used to protect and perfect terracotta tiles, today a range of advanced and durable finishes or sealants are available to keep tiles in top condition. Over time, however, even these finishes can become damaged, marring the appearance of the tile underneath.

Cleaning Terracotta Floors

While regular sweeping and scrubbing with a stone floor cleaner will keep terracotta tiles clean on an everyday basis, over time you may require terracotta floor restoration services to give your surface a helping hand.

Time can wear away the sealants and finishes which protect terracotta, so resealing is important if you want to avoid stains and watermarks. Calling in the professionals to remove any damaged sealant, buff away surface scratches and apply a fresh finish will restore your floor to its former glory.

About Blue Apple

We have been cleaning, fixing and restoring terracotta floors in London and the surrounding area since 2011, learning, growing and honing our craft over time. Today we provide specialist terracotta floor cleaning and care, delivered to exceptional standards.

We may be passionate about our craft, but we’re also strongly committed to outstanding customer service. Cleanliness, convenience and courtesy are at the heart of our company ethos, which is why we’ve earned such a positive reputation. Take a look at our about us page to learn more about how we make floor care stress-free for every client.

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