Travertine Floor Restoration & Care in London

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Travertine Floor Polishing

At Blue Apple Floor Care we provide a full complement of travertine floor care services, whether you need a quick spruce up or a thorough travertine restoration.

  • Travertine floor buffing
    We recommend that travertine floors are buffed four times a year to ensure they look their best and maintain their shine.
  • Travertine floor polishing
    To tackle scratches, stains and imperfections in your floor’s finish, travertine floor polishing is highly effective, removing the affected upper layers and completely refreshing the look of your floor.
  • Travertine restoration
    If the natural stone itself sustains damage, travertine restoration is possible. Grinding removes the very upper layers of travertine, eliminating imperfections and leaving your surface looking as good as the day it was installed.

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Expert Travertine Floor Care

Has your travertine flooring seen better days? At Blue Apple Floor Care, our specialists transform tired out travertine surfaces, returning dull, scratched or stained flooring to its naturally beautiful state.

We have been providing expert travertine floor maintenance to residential and commercial clients across London since 2011. From basic buffing which gives travertine a beautiful gleam, to complete travertine restoration using grinding and polishing techniques, our experience allows us to deliver an outstanding finish every time.

Travertine Flooring

A close relative of marble and limestone, travertine is a truly beautiful natural stone surface which deserves quality upkeep. Hard-wearing and long-lasting, this surface can last decades – even centuries – with the correct travertine floor care plan.

Travertine Flooring Maintenance

Everyday travertine floor care is pleasingly simple. Careful vacuuming (or dry mopping if you are concerned about causing chips or cracks) of the surface will remove dust and dirt, while wet mopping with warm water and a specialist stone cleaner will ensure your surface stays spotless. Yet over time your floor can develop signs of wear and tear which standard cleaning won’t remove.

Because natural stone is relatively porous, it is typically treated with a surface sealant or finish which repels liquid and protects the natural travertine beneath. Over time, this surface protection can suffer damage itself, developing scratches, chips, cracks and stains which impact the appearance of travertine. When these imperfections appear, it’s time to seek professional travertine flooring maintenance…

About Blue Apple

We may be well-known for the quality of our craft and the depth of our knowledge, but it’s our customer service which keeps clients coming back. Fast, efficient and courteous, we deliver travertine floor care with minimal disruption to your personal or professional life, leaving your premises in pristine condition after completion.

Our expertise and professionalism are reflected by our outstanding reputation. Learn more at our about us page.

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